60/40 Payment Plan
Sep - 2022 Handover

Sirdhana by Emaar at Mina Rashid, Dubai

A new waterfront development, Sirdhana at Mina Rashid by Emaar Properties and DP World is all set to feature 1-3 bedroom apartments and 4 bedroom penthouses in Dubai. Offering stunning views the marina and that of the Downtown skyline, this four-building complex represents the proud and rich maritime history of the city, it is based upon.

The project’s name Sirdhana is taken from the first commercial vessel to dock at Port Rashid in 1970.

If you take a look at the whole construction, it will instantly appeal to you. The elegantly designed and sophisticated apartments with large floor to ceiling windows and private balconies provide you with a glimpse of the lifestyle you can only dream about. In short, it is here that you have an opportunity to experience a glamorous lifestyle.

The contemporary residences are laced with all the modern amenities. Once you step out, it lets you access a whole new world of luxury. Right beside the residences, there is a 500-meter long canal pool lined with cabanas and palm trees.

Part of an iconic waterfront community, it lets you access the broadwalks and promenade to take a stroll and experience the first class hospitality of Queen Elizabeth 2. You can also visit the theatre, the piazza or the Dubai Mall by the sea. It is meant to be a destination where you can have the best time of your life.

By all means, this new development is the kind of lifestyle address that you deserve by all means.

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Project Highlights:

  • Waterfront development featuring 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments and 4 bedroom penthouse
  • Named after the first commercial vessel Sirdhana- British Royal Ship to call port at Mina Rashid
  • Contemporary and exquisite residential units with modern amenities and balconies
  • Awe-inspiring views of the marina and the Dubai skyline
  • Nearby to major points of interest
  • Exclusive residential address in Dubai
  • Functional and attractive payment plan

Feature & Amenities

When it comes to this new waterfront residential project, comprising 4 building complex, the amenities included are simply out of the world. It is surely a lifestyle destination if you look at the options on offer. Here, you can acquaint yourself to a rich and lavish lifestyle. You will have all the freedom to access all the key facilities and this is something that exceeds all your expectations.

Some of the amenities that will be made available include:
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Children’s Play Ground
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Sports Facilities
  • Community Centre

Payment Plan

Easy Installment

Down Payment


Sales Date

1st Installment


within 1 month from sales date

2nd Installment


within 7 months from sales date

3rd Installment


within 13 months from sales date

4th Installment


within 19 months from sales date

5th Installment


within 25 months from sales date

6th Installment


within 31 months from sales date

Final Installment


On Completion & Handover

Location Map / Master Plan

Sirdhana -  Location Plan

Sirdhana - Location Plan

Sirdhana :  Master Plan

Sirdhana : Master Plan

Sirdhana Floor Plan

Type Floor Plan Availabilities
1-Bedroom-Type-1, Building-3, Level-2-6, Size-705-Sq-Ft View  
1-Bedroom-Type-1, Building-3, Level-7-8, Size-705-Sq-Ft View  
1-bedroom-Type 1, Building-3, Size-705-Sq-Ft View  
1-Bedroom-Type-4 B, Building-4, Level-1 to 4, Size-706-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-2, Building-4, Level-2 to 4, Size-1120-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-1, Building-3, Level-9 to 10, Size-1180-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-1B, Building-3, Level-1, Size-1092-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-1, Building-3, Level-1, Size-1196-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-1, Building-3, Level-7 to 8, Size-1175-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-2 B, Building-3, Level-7 to 8, Size-1071-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-2 B, Building-3, Level-9 to 10, Size-1071-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-7, Building-3, Level-2 to 6, Size-1349-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-7, Building-3, Level-7 to 8, Size-1349-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-1 B, Building-3, Level-2 to 6, Size-1092-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-1 B, Building-3, Level-7 to 8, Size-1092-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-2 B, Building-3, Level-2 to 6, Size-1071-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-3, Building-3, Level-2 to 6, Size-1193-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-1, Building-3, Level-2 to 6, Size-1175-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-6, Building-3, Level-2 to 6, Size-1243-Sq-Ft View  
2-Bedroom-Type-7, Building-3, Level-1, Size-1362-Sq-Ft View  
3-Bedroom-Type-4, Building-3, Level-7, Size-2351-Sq-Ft View  
3-Bedroom-Type-1, Building-4, Level-1 to 4, Size-1563-Sq-Ft View  
3-Bedroom-Type-4C, Building-4, Level-9, Size-2976-Sq-Ft View  
3-Bedroom-Type-4 B, Building-3, Level-8, Size-2052-Sq-Ft View  
3-Bedroom-Type-4D, Building-4, Level-10, Size-2208-Sq-Ft View  
3-Bedroom-Type-2, Building-4, Level-5, Size-2837-Sq-Ft View  


1, 2 & 3 Bedroom   |   Port Rashid

AED 1.15 M
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1, 2 & 3 Bedroom   |   Mina Rashid

AED 1.1 M
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